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What you can win

First Round: In the first round there will be twenty winning teams. Each of these teams will be awarded a cash prize of US$ 1,000. These twenty winning teams will progress to the second round.

Second Round: In the second round there will be four winning teams of the Texas Instruments European Analog Design Contest.

The TOP 4 team prizes will be awarded as follows:

First place: US$ 10,000
Second place: US$ 5,000
Third place: US$ 2,500
Fourth place: US$ 2,500

*Note: All cash prizes will be paid to the team leader of each winning team.

Who Can Enter?

The TI European Analog Design Contest is open to teams of between 2-5 members aged eighteen years of age or older who are registered engineering students (Undergraduate, Master and PhD) at a University in one of the participating countries listed below. All teams must nominate a team leader and have an advising professor to supervise their project. Students can only register for the ADC in one team per year.

Analog ICs can be chosen from the following categories:

  • Amplifiers
  • Clocks and Timers
  • Comparators
  • Data Converters
  • Interface devices
  • Power Management devices
  • RF devices
  • Switches
  • Temperature sensors

A list of tools which were popular in previous editions of the ADC and other student projects as well as information on how to obtain ICs can be found here.

  • Our Recommended Tools page lists common IC types used in student projects and suggests some good general-purpose options.
  • Looking for design inspiration? Browse our student project repository and rate your favorite project!
  • Need tech support? Post your question on one of many forums devoted to analog topics on our E2E community web site.
  • Have questions about the contest? Email us at


We are recruiting skilled SharePoint developers willing to join a creative and dynamic team of professionals. They will be involved in both international and local projects. Preferred Skills: At least 3 years of professional experience in software development University degree in Computer Science or equivalent Experience as an Application Architect of SharePoint-projects; Excellent knowledge of Microsoft .NET Framework , Visual Studio .NET, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server Good command of English language (spoken and written)

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GLOBUL осигурява 10 пълни годишни стипендии на студенти с изключителни резултати и бизнес ориентация от 2005 година. Студентите получават месечна стипендия до получаване на бакалавърска степен, участват в Стажантската програма на GLOBUL и в различни проекти, свързани с тяхната насока и образование.


i-hub deadline

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i-hub is a two-month program that is oriented towards the cross-field innovation and the fostering of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. It provides a non-degree learning opportunity for young adults to gain first-hand experience and generate innovative ideas.


You can find more information about the program here.